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World Top Model Finals in China

Seeking models of various looks and ethnicities to represent Renegade Talent at the World Top Model Finals in China. Company states:

“World Top Model, an event organizer, gives all contestants equal opportunity to participate – regardless of colour, race, creed, or ethnic origin. It is also committed to carrying out selections in a fair and impartial way, without discrimination.

All entrants must satisfy the following requirements: Be between 14 and 26 years of age. Underage entrants must have parents’ or appointed guardian’s written and signed consent. Be at least 1,72 m tall. No size restrictions. Have a good posture and personality. Be photogenic, with no beauty flaws. Marital status and children are irrelevant. All entrants must sign up online and they must complete the online contest entry forms with the required information. Models must supply documented proof of age in order to be eligible to join the contest.

The following titles and prizes will be assigned: WTM Model Award 2018, WTM Style, and WTM Fashion. The winner of the WTM – Model Award will be awarded modeling contracts and given the opportunity to enter the fashion industry.”

There are no entry fees. Finalists will be provided accommodation and food for the whole duration of the event. Travel and extras are only at the expense of the contestants. Parents, friends, and relatives also have to cover their own travel, accommodation, and food expenses. Guests will not be allowed to be with the finalists during the contest.

To apply please email over your resume and 3 photographs: a close-up, a full shot and a thigh shot of you to to then be sent to World Top Models to review.

 If we feel you are suitable for the finals, we will then contact you for you to complete your entrants sign up form online with the required information

 You must supply documented proof of age and must provide any necessary documents, in order to be eligible to join the contest.


 Best Wishes,


Renegade team